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bella somnia
20 August 2009 @ 05:31 am
Well now, it's been ages since my last update. It's going to be more seldom if not very rarely will I get to post. Why? because I've gotten myself hired. The term "work" is now more or less part of my vocabulary. At first I was hesitant to take up a job knowing full well that I would have to sacrifice a huge chunk of my study time. But when I'm actually there --its not bad! In fact, work is good. This week felt more like an apprenticeship since I don't know squat about anything, but everyday I learn the ropes, the do's and don't and all that must be learned.

But that's not my biggest dillema -- it's the death of my backup hardrive. All those files, photos and downloads since 2008 are gone, because my hardrive had to die on me, and the worst part is, its my backup drive! so everything is really gone. I have to start from scratch again from all my downloads to all my files. Kuya's trying everything to rescusitate it and to recover the lost data, but it will take a while. That's why I can't post anything yet. Note to self, always create an online backup for all those important files. Can't say much, need rest. Ciao for now. ^^
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bella somnia
02 August 2009 @ 07:49 pm
Midterm exam starts tomorrow and ends on the second week of August. Why 2 weeks? because my classmates and I have requested that the other exams be moved, to give ample time and preparation for each subject. Which means 2 weeks of reading and memorizing -- a Herculean task if you will.... And my brain capacity in nowhere near that of my classmates. Aigooooo!... Okay, enough about my outbursts of dread. That's not the reason why I blog in the first place. Haha...

Like what it says on my title post, "I think I saw Love" -- and today I did, in the form of an Orange-haired pelting singer who dons a French sailor showboat outfit... I'm so glad FT Island is finally getting some limelight. And I'd give them some "pogi points" for making a rendition of one of my favorite rock songs. It's on my "LSS" playlist right now. But of course, there's gonna be the occassional Engrish!.....I swear, the first time I watched this, it honestly sounded something like "I'm pissin' out needles!"... wahahaha... I love the part where HongKi goes, "Well I lie and I'm easy".... *hyperventilates*...his English has improved. They should perform live like this more often.

I am extremely nervous about the exams. I've been reading like there's no tomorrow. My eyebags are huge, I look like I'm on crack! Drinking coffee, murmuring to myself and piles of photocopy scattered in my room. I transform into a hermit during exam week -- shutting myself from the outside. Haha..... Anyways, I'm praying hard and pouring out all my energy for this. And with all my heart and with full conviction, I say, pursuing this is fulfilling. I know I still have a long way to go. But for now, I need to keep my sanity.... *goes off to stare at the singing carrot-top* ^^
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bella somnia
30 July 2009 @ 10:52 am
Goodness, I haven't been blogging for a while. There's honestly too much on my hands right now. Which is why I'm here once again to rant or rather, vent out some of the things that's been clouding my mind lately. I apologize that my latest post has to be this but I cannot contain the amount of pressure I'm experiencing.

What's been keeping me nuts lately?
School - It's self explanatory. The enormous pile of reading assignments has been driving me on the brink of insanity. There are times I would think this is a futile attempt. Even now I'm still trying to get my momentum back, like the one I had during my college years. The experience of "burn out" and being "toxic" has become more frequent. I need something to fuel my enthusiasm.

F&F (Family & Finances) - I have mentioned before that maturity comes with much responsibility and sacrifice. I have my constraints and I know the things I should do for my family. Which is why I make it a point to help out as much as possible. However, my time and savings for school is affected. My academic performance is at risk. Engaging in small work has taught me a valuable lesson about being part of a family. I have to set aside the things I want for myself and make room for other people. Everytime I sit down to read, the issues and constraints start to flood in. But I cannot quit the things I'm engaged in right now because responsibility is something I have to take.

Ah, but don't think I haven't forgotten my Hallyu life. On the contrary, I am more excited about a lot of things namely Jiyong's solo Album, the fact that Kpop is gaining some recognition on the local entertainment scene... AND... hoping for that possibility that my idols will soon come to the shores of my country. Haha....

Lastly, about me? well.... I'm four-eyed again. Unfortunately, I have to wear glasses again. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and lo and behold.... my astigmatism tripled. From my 25-25 vision during highschool, its now risen to 100. Which brings me to my next concern, my braces. Before October hopefully they will be taken off. I shudder at the thought that every morning I feel like I'm Ugly Betty. Then again, the ugly duckling in due time becomes a beautiful swan... =)

I'm also experiencing my first Kpop withdrawal syndrome for having lack of hallyu dosage. Thank goodness for the invention of Youtube because it has become my ultimate cure. I'm infected with the BB virus. Seung Ri in a skirt and tutu is amazingly..... prettier than an actual girl!

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bella somnia
28 June 2009 @ 05:40 pm
*Sigh*, I'm so frustrated right now. I'm so disappointed in myself for not being able to recite and answer the questions my prof asked me today. It seems like I'm in need of some fuel or something to keep me on my toes, something to keep me awake and expecting the next day. I will do better and I know change has to come from me. So far I have one decent answer in my subjects and the rest perhaps float around from thin air.

I haven't been able to take my dose of Kpop because I'm quite tied up at the moment -- especially since I have Sunday classes. Yeah that's right, Sunday classes. No rest. Poor me. It's weird and at the same time interesting. I get to run in the corridors!.... But basically, I'm feeling much frustration and stress for myself this past few weeks since things don't seem to be going that well for me. I know this is such a waterloo-period for me. I'll get up, recover and do better. I don't want to cause any more worries for my folks and I'm gonna show those people that I can do this.....

Recently, my mobile call logs are weird. One's registered as "unknown" so I'm guessing it's from a phone booth, the other one, I'm not sure if it's an international call since the country and area code is different. It's creepy because when I answered it, it sounded like a guy with an English accent. And the last one is probably from the call service of Yahoo messenger when I log in using my mobile phone.....I find it interesting how these calls reached my phone. For one thing, I use my alternative sim card for school purposes and that less that 5 people know my number, secondly, I hardly use it that's why I'm curious. Who knows, maybe this is a sign of something.... whatever it is.... haha.... I must get up and do better.

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